If you've been looking for a sign, this is it...

Finally, A Challenge That Works for YOU!

The world is in a state of unprecedented change.

Your business is facing great challenges. 

Where are you in all of this?

  • Scrambling? 
  • Waiting to see what happens? 
  • Moving forward with trepidation?
  • Confident?
  • Curious?


Whether you are solid and want to build on that foundation, or shaky and need to find your footing, this is the time to increase your strength and ability to navigate whatever happens.

Five days of short, powerful teachings, training your subconscious with the tools you need. 

Tap into your best inner leader on demand! Your subconscious mind is working 24/7. Get it working FOR you.

So What Is Going To Be Covered?

Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach, and Best-selling Hay House Author & Radio Show Host, Suze Casey will introduce you to the system she has shared with entrepreneurs, elite athletes, business owners – anyone who understands that it is the quality of your inner game that determines your success or failure. For over 20 years Suze’s clients have proven time and time again. This works.

Now it’s your opportunity to learn these secrets to support you through these current challenges.


How do you want to look back on this time?

With regret and disappointment?

With anger and blame?


With gratitude to yourself for meeting the challenges, moving forward with ease, open and able to seize the opportunities?

Create your best outcome

Every situation is an opportunity for you to create your own empowering hero story. We'll support you in uncovering, claiming and expanding your personal strength.

In these 5 days you'll discover:

How to stay solid even during uncertain times

The effective and powerful 7 step system to shift from chaos to confidence

Clarity that comes when you are in alignment

Simple daily practices to train your subconscious mind to default to the positive

Easy, proven ways to transform anger to peace, frustration to calm, doubt to certainty and worry to trust

Challenge Yourself Today $24


When are the live sessions? 

  • Daily beginning September 14 @ 12:15pm (MDT)


  • Live videos in a private Facebook Group

What if I can't attend the live sessions? 

  • Videos will remain in the group until September 19th

What if I have questions?

  • Questions can be submitted in the group and by chat window during the live event
  • Questions will be answered first come, first served, based on live attendance